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What is M-commerce?

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Today’s market statistics say that m-commerce is a big and wide range in range business strategy in the market.  M-commerce is a mobile platform used to run or market or promote business through mobile. In other words, m-commerce is a platform, where buying and selling of goods and services are done through wireless technology called mobile apps. In 1997, the first m-commerce service was started. Through SMS or text message, the machine enabled banking service was started as one of the first m-commerce strategies.

Nowadays, the number of smartphone users is increasing more and more throughout worldwide, which has brought a prominence for m-commerce. Now, small and large industries are focusing on m-commerce to get the maximum attention of the customers. It is offering preferred ways for consumers to get the best and quality products. 

How m-commerce is replacing E-commerce?

People are having powerful tool (mobile phone) in their hand and love to travel with it, instead of going with the laptop. Today, people use mobiles not only for phone calls, but also use for buying products through app where they can text and share something, which makes mobile a highly useful device.

Most of the people don’t go every time to search on the website and place the order what they need. Instead of going and searching on website, they can order or book what they want within few minutes through their smartphones. In 2014, m-commerce’s sales volume compared to e-commerce has increased rapidly in the market. Moreover, mobile phone users of age between 18 and 35 are more enthusiastic to buy online.

When people think about shopping, they go on online because it saves time and they are comfortable with buying through handheld devices. Today, the m-commerce is overtaking e-commerce, which could be resulted into the replacement of e-commerce by m-commerce in coming years. Example, Myntra has already adopted mobile only strategy, whereas Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are planning to towards following mobile only strategy. The types of services available in fingertips in m-commerce are mobile money transfer, mobile ATM, Mobile ticketing, Mobile banking, In-app mobile phone payment, information services and many more.

How M-commerce is more helpful than e-commerce?

When compared to e-commerce users, the m-commerce users very well experience retail shopping. The 30% of online shoppers say that they are using only smartphones to buy products online and 60% of the users are purchasing goods and services though mobile apps than on websites. Mobile phone isn’t just a tool to buy products, but is now a dynamic part of the research that makes consumers to take quick decision in buying product.

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In e-commerce, it is little difficult to reach customers instantly, whereas in m-commerce, you can easily find out the consumers exact location for delivering goods easily, which saves enough time. Over the next few years, it is expected mobile apps will create and provide a greater opportunity for businesses to grow. As a business owner, you need to develop your own app if you want to keep up sales. I am pretty sure that if you would notice a drop in sales, the lack of mobile app could be a big reason.

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