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The Role of Location Based Technology in Uber Success

Traveling through busy cities with the traffic is irritating with the hired vehicle and also you may think that the hired vehicle is not comfortable when compared to your own vehicle. Also, whenever required to travel from required place at the exact time or for immediate need, the cabs are not available for certain time.

Many major cities have car cab facility, but the customer is not getting frequent service in their location. Whenever the customer needs cab, they don’t have the choice to wait until the cab arrives. This is even difficult for the particular customers like who are working and they need to reach on time and they cannot be delayed for the particular place or location. Uber, a multinational travel company, found a much needed solution for this dilemma and succeeded to a great extent.

Uber‘s Initial Days

The company like Uber tried to come over this complex problem. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. How Uber started this venture? Once Travis Kalanick was in Paris, he wanted to reach conference, but by that time, he didn’t get any car cab on time to reach the conference. That situation made him to think about this much needed cab service. Not only he, so many customers were facing the same problem and for this reason when Uber was started by Travis Kalanick, and Garrett Camp.

Now Uber is serving across the world, including India,USA, Australia, France and Netherland. There are many car cabs companies competing with Uber in the traveling services. Why Uber is unique because the register car cabs drivers are the not the employee of the Uber, they are the owner of their own vehicle. Uber is just acting as a guide or middle man between the customer and the drivers, by this Uber is getting high profit. Uber is not like other companies which have owned the car as well as drivers as employees.

Uber App

The customers or the travelers can book the cab through mobile application which is available in Google play, Apps Store and many other app stores. By choosing the best mobile apps developers among the top app development companies Bangalore, India and across the world, Uber selected top company and developed app with next generation features and introduced a mobile application for their business. The app features include, once the app is downloaded in smartphone by the users, then they can book cab, when the Uber alerts to the user, where the driver is passing near to him, by this the customers can know the accurate pickup time easily

Uber is also providing services on different rates for different vehicles like other car cabs services. In the app, Uber allows users to compare the prices with others cabs. Once the user is confirmed booking with Uber cabs, then Uber sends the exact time of cabs arrival to customer’s location.

Uber is having two kinds of payment method: Time and Distance. The cabs runs more than 18km/hour, then it is calculated as distance and another one is time based where the rate is calculated on below 18Km/hour. Why this method is followed? The customers need to get the best fare for their ride.

There are two types of apps upgraded that is UberPop and UberPool. UberPop App allows non-professional taxi driver to serve the customers through Uber app. The UberPool app helps the customer who is travelling to the same location or same direction, when customer can share the fare. This application is helpful for customers as well as drivers. But the payment gate is strictly managed by Uber and the customers need to pay according to that to the driver.

Uber has also recently launched UberBOAT services in the Istanbul, and UberChooper is flight service with the partnership of Blade by uber from new york city to the Hamptons. Uber is now atop of the Traveling services sector.

Want to Develop Uber like App?

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Pros and Cons of Employee Location Tracking Apps

Nowadays, the smartphone users’ number is increasing rapidly across the world as so many features are available in a single handheld device. Like screen touch, camera, flashlight, browsing, video call, GPS Tracking and many more.

GPS tracking service is available in almost every smartphone. With the help of tracking device, the location tracking app is developed for enterprises to monitor their employees’ activities. The employee location tracking apps are installed on Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows phones and many other OS enabled devices. As an entrepreneur, you can track the location where the employee is in and what time he comes to the office and leaves.

Pros of Employee Location Tracking App

1. The app administrator can track the employee, where the employee is in, reached the required destination (client place or any other place) at scheduled place and time.

2. As an entrepreneur or e-commerce company, you can give the complete details about the product’s exact location to be delivered to the customers. And also it is useful for service based companies, where you can monitor specialist who is assigned with a service to be provided to customers at scheduled location, with this tracking app.

3. The employees can get the customer’s location by route, map with the tacking app, which saves the time.

4. The location tracking app saves the company phone bill by making communication easier. It saves the time and money you spend on communicating with employees in the field every time.

5. It reduces the paperwork, where employee can log in and log out through the tracking app. The tracking app can automatically track the period of time of an employee spent in different places like client visit, meeting etc.

6. With the tracking app, management can alert the employees with a message to get together for a scheduled meeting, or at the scheduled time and location.

7. The employee tracking app is not only used to track the location, but also used for many tasks like payment processing, barcodes scanning, taking the location photos and to send.

Cons of Employee Location Tracking App

The biggest problem from the tacking app for employees is it gets an access to employees’ personal activities also. Generally, employees don’t want to be monitored by the management. Employees may think that their personal works or details may be scanned by others. So, the management needs to guarantee the employees that they won’t monitor them after the working hours. The management needs to give complete details to employees that what benefits employees and business can get from this app.

The employee location tracking app is getting very popular with enterprises more because when they have a location tracking app, managing the employee or delivering the product to the customers is very easy and it saves time of the company as well as increase efficiency.

Privacy commissioners in the administrative sector have supported the location tracking app for the purpose of the person’s safety, productivity and efficiency.

Businesses like food and beverage delivery chains, oil and construction companies, etc. are benefitting from this location tracking app more. Location tracking app gives more benefits for all sorts of businesses nowadays. If you choose the best iPhone application development company Hyderabad or in your preferred city, then they can help you in developing employee location tracking app to reach your business goal.
We at FuGenX, are a Android apps development company Ahmadabad. We have developed a location tracking app Trip Manager for a global company Praxair. That app not only helped them to increase employee productivity, but also to enhance business performance. We develop customization app to fit your business requirements. For more details on our world-class mobile app development services in New York, reach us at or
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How To Increase Mobile Application Usage and Engagement

Nowadays, in the app store, there are millions of applications available. An application costs from million to billion dollars. There is around only 30% of apps downloaded and used by users and the remaining 70% of apps are not recognized by users because the lack of visibility. Once the user downloads an app, he uses it once, and won’t visit or use it again as that seems inappropriate to them or its poor user interface.

Below are some of the useful three tactics to increase mobile apps usage and engagement, which could prevent your mobile app from being failed.

1.     Keep updating your mobile app or send regular notifications to your users

You need to update your mobile app at least weekly once to retain the attention of customers and promote business among them. The first look and feel comes to user mind is the UI and UX design of your mobile app. If your app’s UX and UX are not engaging, you won’t get the repeated users to app, and repeated customers to your business. Possibly, users forget your app. As an entrepreneur, you may prefer your mobile app to be on top. Whenever the customer searches business related to your app, your app should be in the first column to get more users (customers).
Let’s know about the FlyCleaners. FlyCleaners is an app platform that connects customers, and laundry and dry cleaning service providers. You (consumers) need to wash your cloth at least once in a week like you contact the retail service provider at least once in a month for groceries.

Some services like dry cleaning, the customers majorly depend on them to clean their clothes at least ones in a week. So the people may schedule their time for the dry cleaning service through mobile app, then the dry cleaning person will come on scheduled time. Fly Cleaners is the top dry cleaning service provider in Delhi. It has provided dry cleaning service for over 2 lakhs of cloth pieces and laundry services for over 20 lacks pounds of clothes in New York. In this case, users use the app once in a week, so, your app should at least be good or simple to use for your customers. Also, you can hook customers to your service by sending tips about take care of clothes.

2.     Give Prominence To Core Feature More

If you want your customers should use your app regularly, then your app should be very attractive and users friendly, then only the users can feel comfortable with your mobile app and to your business. Having lots of features in your app that makes your app difficult to use to the customers and also it will affect the performance of your mobile app. The mobile application is used for the purpose to get the customers on a regular basis, so give prominence to core feature, which will make your customers consider your app a unique one.

When WhatsApp was first launched, the purpose was to enable users to send text message to their friends, but later when it got popular, WhatsApp introduced images, and videos sharing option with new look, which is attracting more customers. After introducing these features, it significantly increased its user base.

3.     Make Your App A Unique One

When you start developing a mobile app, first you need to choose the best iPhone application development companies India or in your preferred city. Because it is the first thing you should do in order to strengthen your idea and business. To do so, you need to attract the customers with your product or services through mobile app. Then only you can reach your goal.

The first impression is the best impression, so first impress your customers with services or product with a unique mobile app, which can help to achieve brand identity. Once your brand identity is established, then your services or product reaches the customers meeting their expectations easily. Customers primarily prefer to get good service or product on time. Once after you have delivered good service to customers on time, then they never go away from your services. The brand helps your customers to identify your product or services easily because great services with a great brand helps so much.

So think about creating mobile app for your business, especially mobile app that can stand different from your competitors.  Want to develop a successful mobile app?

We at FuGenX, Android application development companies Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Ahmadabad. We have developed hundreds of Android apps and games for our customers worldwide. We are also a recognized iPhone app development companies. We have helped our clients in increasing mobile apps usage and engagement to enhance their business performance

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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Mobile Application Development Company

You may have plan to develop a mobile application to enhance your business performance. Because of the internet, the today’s generation is fond of handled devices like iPad, mobile, etc. So, it is a great opportunity for business owners to acquire more customers if they develop mobile apps.

When searching and hiring a Best apps companies in Delhi or any part of the world, it is very important that choosing the best iPad app development company Bangalore,India, but most of the business owners fail to choose right development company.

Generally, business owners choose mobile app developers getting attracted to advertisement and discounts. As an effect of choosing wrong mobile app developers and ineffective mobile app, finally they fail to attract and hold the customers. There are a million applications available in the app store. If your app is not attractive, then your app can’t be noticed by the users.

Here are the some of the common mistakes that business owners make which cause unsuccessful mobile apps.

Looking Only Local Developers

Hiring a local mobile app developer or hiring mobile app developers in another part of the world is not important. Here the most important thing is choosing well-versed and experienced mobile app developer. First, list out your requirement and choose the top company that holds vast experience in developing the similar kind app which you are going to develop. If you prefer only local company and don’t show interest in the global companies, then you can’t get the best application that you expect.

Hiring a Developer That Directly Jumps Into Coding

Mobile apps developers who start coding without a proper requirement analysis, can’t deliver assured app. Generally, the best iPhone and Android apps development company  first go for a systematic way of gathering requirement. The best app developers never consider app development a complex work. Anyhow, developing a mobile app is a complex task.

App Development Company that lacks experience in similar category

Though the mobile app development process is relatively same for different applications, you should choose the developers who have relevant experience in the app category that you are going to develop.

Example, you are a cab owner, you hire a mobile apps development company which didn’t develop a single travel app before, then you may not get desired app”.  Select the best mobile app development company which has experience in similar kind app development.

Hiring an App Developer Based on Price

You can think the cost is the main factor while hiring a mobile app development company, but if you hire mobile app developers based on price, then surely you will lose your app quality. If you are not hiring a well experienced developer, then you will face design (UX) problem, which may lead to many other problems. App quality is very important when presenting your service to the customers, then only you can reach your goal.

Avoid such mistakes that lead you get bad app.

Want to Develop Successful Mobile App?

At FuGenX, we are helping hundreds of businesses with reliable mobile application development services. We are an emerging Android, iPhone and iPad application development companies AhmadabadOur portfolio can give you an information about our vast experience in successful app development.

We have developed mobile apps for different industries like retail, travel, restaurant etc. Also, we have developed superior quality apps for different devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows etc.

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FuGenX Introduces an Innovative Real-time Market Platform Mobility Solution

Searching for the platform like Uber or Arro in New York or in your city which you want to initiate or develop for your business.

Here is the innovative solution which is offered by FuGenX, Fx RMP, a Real-time Market Platform Mobility solution. Below are the unique features of the Fx RMP solution.

Arro is one of the best Uber like taxi companies is New York and the company launched an app called Arro app, which is a free application for iPhone and Android users. A user can register and utilizes the services by finding the nearby cabs. The app gives information about the driver name and his ID number. It saves the time, as well as money as the app automatically generates right fare.

Arro’s new trend is getting popularized all around USA

Arro is also going to start their business in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington. It is recognized as an emerging Taxi Company, by adopting real-time market platform solutions.

Do you know what is Real-time Market Platform?

In this world, there are a large number of service providers who are lacking customers, similarly customers are lacking good service provider. This gap between customers and service provider are filled with innovative ideas by FuGenX, the best iPhone and Android app development companies Ahmadabad.

Fx RMP - Innovative and unique Mobile App Solution

FuGenX, one of the leading iPhone application development companies Bangalore, provides you innovative and unique ideas with Fx RMP (FuGenX Real-time market platforms) solutions. Fx RMP is a high-tech solution that gives the opportunity for the service providers to find the right customer in right time.

 iPhone Apps Development Companies Georgia

The opportunity is here for you, Grab it!

As a business owner, you can act as a bridge between service seeker and service provider. When the customer are searching for the service or products in a particular area, you can serve them by connecting them with the right service provider. apps development company Delhi, India, service provider delivers the service or product on time, which makes either customers or service provider happy. In this process, you will manage both service providers as well as service searcher.

How Fx RMP differs from traditional methods?

In the traditional method, people search for service through the directory and they ask someone or they need to call the required service provider. But, here customer needs to wait for a long time to get a reply from the service provider. Fx RMP helps you supply right service to service seekers through a service provider. Here, customers are served very quickly and in a different way. It increases your business revenue, if you have already own a business. If you are planning to start similar to this kind of business, then Fx RMP helps you set a trend with your innovative idea.

Who can get advantage from Fx RMP?

All sorts of businesses and people can get advantage from the Fx RMP. Fx RMP helps for all kinds business, example if you want to connect medical stores and people in New York or any other city, you can utilize from FX RMP solution with iPhone app development or Android app development. When people order through your mobile application, you can provide them service on time. Fx RMP is greatly helpful to build your business as well as revenue, with the one-time investment.

Stand out from your competitors

If you are already running a business, then Fx RMP helps you to take your business to the next level. For more info on Fx RMP, reach us at (1-213-995 8091), or ( We are glad to serve you.


Planning to develop an e-commerce application and want to know how much it costs?

Here is the ideal answer that is prepared with the help of FuGenX Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company Hyderabad.

The present world is based on the technology. Almost everything is controlled and operated by the machine. The technology is also vital for day to day activities for people. The technological features of computer and mobile phone are merged to the cater people’s day to day needs.

People use computer and mobile for everything what they need. Computer (desktop PC) can’t be carried everywhere. So, people carry a technological innovation called a laptop, which can be used anywhere, and it keeps the people updated everywhere.

There is a different technologies innovations, which let you get done your job or works easily, even though you are in any place or inside the home.

Emerging E-commerce, Powered by M-commerce

Online activities are very popular nowadays. Activities like online shopping, online payments and net banking services has made so many people’s life easier, and also it helps internet users to get the online job. Because of all these reasons, information technology companies and mobile application development companies Bangalore and across the world are developing high-tech mobility solutions to increase the performance of businesses by easily connecting them with their customers. The mobile app development for smartphones has been one of the helpful ways for e-commerce companies to increase its performance.

Android and iOS – Top Mobile Platforms

There are a number of mobile applications developed for the smartphone users to take advantage of online facilities. Especially, iPhone and Android apps development company  are not only helping global companies with mobile app development, but also helping startups to develop profitable e-commerce apps. Their service is not only limited to e-commerce, but also to industrial companies, to increase their business profit. E-commerce apps are dynamic and useful for both companies and customers.


E-commerce is powered by the internet, where people sell and buy products or sales on the go. E-commerce allows online transaction where people pay for the selected products through net banking, credit or debit cards. Once the customer has made payment through online for the purchased goods and services, the customer will await for the goods arrived to the doorstep.

The customers’ good response encourages E-commerce firms to develop their own app. But, now a days, e-commerce firms step forward to develop mobile apps with the help of mobile app development companies Hyderabad, India very early as people are using mobiles more than computers.

A common question asked by e-commerce business owners is that “How much does an E-commerce app cost?” The cost for an e-commerce app development depends on the features which you are required to add in your application, that can make your app unique from others.

Features of E-commerce App

E-commerce application is a large online shopping tool with a wide range of goods and services. It generally includes search column, product list, category, delivery and payment option. An e-commerce app has an option called dashboard for the customers, where customers can check their purchase details. Other important parts of E-commerce app are shipping section and currency converter menu, which is for the easier communication between the e-commerce company and the customer.

Get The Best Price For Your Dream E-Commerce App

We are FuGenX Technologies. We have developed a superior quality e-commerce app for BiG Basket. BiG Basket is the largest online grocery store in India. You may be still thinking, how much it cost to develop an E-commerce application for your business? You are one click away from getting the best price for your dream e-commerce app. Send your app development requirement to or visit to get your app quote now!

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The steps of iPhone App Development

Are you Searching for the solution develop your business or you have an idea to develop iPhone app development for your business?

Here are the steps to get to start iPhone App Development, but I can’t say suits for everyone.

Step:1 Get an idea

If you already decided or having idea to develop an iPhone app, then go to next step, If you don’t then continue to read on. If you don’t have a plan or what are the steps to be followed? A Popular business man solves problems by their own strategy and with their experiences. You need to plan well where need go, how to go and in which one to go then only you will reach particular place like that only plan your iPhone app how to create and make a shortlist your idea and it make sense.

Step: 2 Identify the need

First, you need to identify the need of your app for the users. Search through Google that how your competitor how they are using technology and how there are generating revenue and how they are getting more customers. You can also find that number users searching for better quality of service or seeking for best products.

Steps:3 Lay out the flow and feature

Ensure that your idea to develop an iPhone app is fits for users or user searching suits your app and you need list what all feature you need to implement in your iPhone app. When you make a document of your idea on paper, it makes easy to identify or remember and its show the flow work of your app and also it helps to mobile app development companies Bangalore or other city’s your preferred iPhone app developers for better understand your idea.

Steps:4 Remove non-core Features

From the above step 3 you have prepared the document and start identify features that you can remove the document. After that you find the core feature only for your iphone app development idea. Don’t implement all feature in the first forming only because the user always preferred new updating version, so you can update by time period and I will take initial cost only and its make your user satisfy.

Step:5 Put design first

I see that most of the business owners or one who needs to develop an app, they want basic design and focusing only on developing an app, not another thing. It’s totally wrong thought. Because the user not seeing the looks of the app, they preferred for user friendly.

Step:6 Hire a iPhone apps designer or iPhone application developer

Search for an iPhone application development company Delhi or other cites you are preferred for that who are having great UI Designs and well skilled in iPhone app development. Check their portfolio and client based they have worked with and also check in online reliability. Then, if you find that they are in good iPhone apps development and also whether they are developing other platforms like android apps development, windows app development and ipad application development because it gives you an idea where you can also target other platform users to get more revenue.

Step:7 Create Developer Account

You need to register into the different apps store to get a developer account because of this you can see how many users are downloading your apps and also you can charge or give free your app for the user. For developer account there is an option to register like individual or a company and Google Android charges $25 and Apple Charges $99 per year.

Steps:8 Get feedback quickly and improvise

After developing your app and ones you uploaded in app stores, the start download and their feedback on apps store helps you, how you can improve and increase your revenue. So, keep on check user’s feedback.

Steps:9 Introduce Core features

You developed app having certain feature only, now you can introduce core features and you will come to know through feedback from users where the core feature fit and remaining features can introduce by the being.

As always, if you come through any problem while developing your iPhone app, head over to our FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd ( and send your question to

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How to Build Strategy to Develop Your iPhone App

In the year of 2008, the Apple Inc. launched iPhone App store and later it was renamed iTunes. As on 8-June-2015, 1.4 million apps approved by iTunes and 100+ Billion apps were downloaded. But, a question is how to create an iPhone app? Any developer can create iPhone app with proper awareness of technologies used. Develop a successful an iPhone app with a right strategy with the useful guide given below because it helps you how to create an iPhone app and make it your dream app.

What is your Goal?

First, you need to know what kind app you are going to develop or what is the purpose of developing an app and how it is going to help to reach a goal. Whether you are an individual or marketing manager or IT director, you can make an app idea, but you can’t easily implement that. Have a solid idea and determined goal that can help you to make your app development successful. 

Here are the common goals that people intent when developing apps:

1.     Management doesn’t want to make considerable changes in app regularly.
2.     For in-house team, it’s a full time job to create the app. If they are well-versed, they can fix critical bugs, otherwise it is hard to do that.
3.     Somebody wants app to develop mainly to implement their idea, and gaining attention through that, not for revenue.
4.     Develop an app for the promotion purpose of their existing business.

Now it is time to decide your goal: Set your goal and build a strategy to achieve success:

What are your expectations?
When you start thinking to develop an app, the first thing will come to your mind “How much it costs?” 

The success of app depends on the following aspects:
·        Cost of product
·        Number of users
·        Popularity 

All the above reasons give monetary success of your app. Depending on your expectation on this aspect and on the acknowledged evidence, you can make a profit by developing the app.

Where Do I Begin?

Today, there is a tight competition in the iTune Store because of a lot apps entering with high quality. In this competition, your app need to be survived, which means you have to analyze your app progress regularly to achieve dynamic success in the iTune Store.

How to Analyze?

Analyzing idea yourself is not fair enough and also you are not an expert probably. You have to reach someone who is expert in iPhone apps development, then discuss with them and make your idea better with their suggestion.

People who can make your idea better:

·        iPhone Apps Developers

There are a number of iPhone app development companies in India and USA and all over the world, ready to take the project. If you approach right and experienced developers, they can pave your path of developing the desired app.

·        iPhone App Marketing Professionals

These people well know about app marketing strategy such as how to promote an app in the app store, but you can’t do it easily.

·        Person who has awareness of app development

If you well know a person who has already developed app for their business, then get feedback from him.

How You Can Benefit from Analysis?

 From the above analysis you will get a clear picture of your app development and some of them are below:

·        You can get an idea on the app which you are going to develop, is that enough to face competition or is it going to beat other competitors’ apps?
      ·        You can decide what technology you can use to develop apps.
      ·        Where your idea fit for different and latest mobile OS versions and devices.
      ·        Where you can change your idea and search for different ways to increase your business revenue.
      ·        How this idea can be a fit with your budgets.
      ·        How to proceed your app development further.
      ·        Where your app helps customers to give you useful feedback.

After all this analysis, with your well known app developers or preferred Mobile app development company Bangalore and Delhi or any other city where your preferred developer is in, then you can proceed with your app development.

If you are still finding difficulty to develop your first iPhone app, here is a right option!

FuGenX is a top iPhone and Android apps development company in India and Bangalore, India. We are also an emerging iPad app development company in Bangalore. We have developed 1000+ mobile apps and games on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. We have developed award winning apps for our customers throughout the world.

If you want to develop your dream iPhone app, reach us at or Also, if you want know the next steps of iPhone application development, visit top Mobile apps developer India.