Monday, 28 March 2016

How Mobile App is Transforming the Travel Industry?

In the travel industry, the ultimate changes are happening because of mobile and mobile apps. The best mobile app development companies Bangalore or other Indian cities have developed great applications for the travel industry that have set a new trend in the industry.

We at FuGenX, a global mobile app development company in Bangalore, have developed successful mobile apps for the large travel organizations like the Curacao Tourism Board and Delhi. Mobile apps like Curacao To Go and Alitalia reached tremendous achievement. We are proud to say that, we have a vast experience in the travel industry with the highly skilled development team, and the successful Curacao and Alitalia mobile apps are justifying examples for this.
A global study shows a tremendous changes happened in the travel industries with mobile apps.

Things that justify how mobile app is reshaping the travel industry:

1. Mobile app is the most important factor in travel industry:

Nowadays people are using smartphone heavily in daily life and shopping through mobile app has become very common. Mainly in the travel industry, instead of going to the website for booking tickets, people are using the mobile app, which makes them so easy to do all. 60% of people who are using the mobile app to book travels are saying that the mobile app is better than the mobile.

2. The mobile application is growing faster than desktop:

In 2015, the booking travels or booking tickets through mobile app has grown 18% from the previous year and in the beginning of 2016, it has increased to around 40%. But using the desktop to book travel has become very less compared to mobile and mobile apps.

3. Exclusively mobile app

1 in 4 smartphone users make online shopping through mobile apps. Even when they near to the computer also, they prefer going with mobile app only because of user friendliness. According to a research, 60% of people go for online shopping with mobile app when they are at home.

4. Travel App is User Preference

Mobile apps are not only used for booking travels, it is also used for payment transactions. Like retail businesses use mobile application for both shopping and payment transactions, travel apps are also used to book tickets, hotels, as well as make payments, where the customers can go to wallet payment or online payment in a secured way. Nowadays the users also prefer cash free transaction for even bigger purchase.

5. Exhaust-free searching

In the online shopping only 30% of people quickly get what they need exactly and remaining users just browse continuously and end up with nothing or get exhausted.
The mobile application gives a profit making searching for the users and makes it exhaust free when they are in search for different products or services.

6. Youth-centric

Different age people have different mindsets. In online shopping, 60% of users are young people, who are born in the year between 1982 & 2002, prefer the booking or shopping through mobile.

Have a Plan to Develop a Travel App?

If you are a decision maker in a business, and your business is not mobile friendly, then your customers may get dissatisfied with your services or product. This is right time to develop a mobile app for your business to engage your customers. We will help you in this. We at FuGenX Technologies, a premiere iPhone app development company in Bngalore, help you to develop a world-class travel app. We are also an emerging Android app development company in Bangalore.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to Choose the Best Tablet that Fulfils Your Needs?

Planning to buy a tablet for your business or personal use? Then visit any electronic store or online shopping portal. You will find so many tablets with the different features. There are some tablets that are used to browse and check emails too, and there also some tablets that are made for only gamers and photographers. If you want to buy tablet which well suit to your requirement, have a look below to get the things that need to be considered before purchasing tablet. (For your information, if you have a plan to develop app for tablet or smartphone, you are suggested to contact the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore as they are internationally recognized). Now Let’s see towards tablet features and specifications:

Mobile application development company new jersey

Tablet Features and Specifications that Suits to Your Requirements

When you are going to purchase tablet, you have to look into the features which is available in latest tablets. What type of connectivity options it has, what type or does it have a micro SD slot option? What is the camera pixels? What is the screen resolution and screen size? After all, you finished looking into the features, then think yourself which one of the features is required to you? Do you require greater screen resolution and screen size? Do you require a micro SD slot option to store your big database? Do you require camera features to capture your golden memories? Do you require all connectivity like Wi-Fi, GPS, Sim, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G etc.

Example, you may not require high camera features, if you’re only focused on browsing and checking emails. If you are photographer, then you required high resolution camera with high pixels. If you are a lover of music and movies then you really need a micro SD slot option. If you don’t have big memory, you can save your big amount of data on the cloud which is available only on the internet.

Operating System
You need to consider when you purchase tablet that which operating system is the best for the requirement. If you have already used the Android operating system, then you can go with the Apple iOS operating system for new experience. Also, there are windows and blackberry operating systems that you can choose. The Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store are attractive with millions of apps developed by many Android and iPhone app development companies in Delhi, Hyderabad and all around the world. Windows Store hits 200,000 app mark, with 385,000 applications in Windows Phone Store. If you require different kinds of apps, then better go with any Android or Apple iOS operating system. If you have a smartphone, then go with the same operating system because the same operating system can sync easily with each other.


After seeing all the features, then you will see the price variations. The top end tablets like Apple iPads may cost around $1000 and lower cost tablets may above $50. If you require a good tablet, then you should pay for the brands. Take a look into the reviews of each tablet through different researches. If you have acquaintances, who are using tablets, ask them about the review of the tablets which you’re going to purchase. You can also take the help of mobile app company in Hyderabad or anywhere if you know them very well for better decision making.

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Have a Plan to Develop an App for Tablet?
If yes, we are here to help you. We are FuGenX Technologies, a global iPhone and Android app development company in India. We also develop iPad and Android tablet apps that people love to use.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Best Mobile App Design Tips

When you need to develop a mobile app, you have to consider some design requirements. Also, you should know whether you need only app or website or both. You need to understand the differences between mobile app and mobile website first. The mobile application is especially developed for the smartphones (for the users of Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows and Blackberry etc.) whereas the mobile website is developed for accessing it through the browser of the mobile.

If you chose the mobile app approach for your company, then it will be the fruitful strategy which you can use to engage the customers. But to engage customers, you need better design. For better design, you need better designing ideas. Find it here: (For your information, mobile apps development companies in Bangalore are internationally recognized for designing user engaging mobile apps, you can get in touch with them):

 Mobile app development companies nyc

Mobile App Design Tips

Design basics

The mobile app design mainly depends on users’ expectation. For example, if the mobile app is designed for e-commerce business, then the shopping cart must be needed. Even before starting mobile app development, you need to make sure the design basics.


Knowing the purpose of the platform enables you to choose right app platform. There are many app platforms like Android and iOS and the Android is major platform that company prefers to promote their business, and iOS is preferred to double the revenue and generate profits. Better, you are recommended to have a deep discussion with your preferred mobile app development company to choose a platform that can accomplish your purpose.  

When you start to develop a mobile app, the framework is very important to consider because it helps to measure the space between the elements. The more important is considering the space as well as the length and width between the elements.


When you are creating a set of features, the value of the color is necessary. In the same way, color can be used to highlight the features. Example, you can bold the specific features and color it which you prefer, which can show the importance of the features.  


When you come to page layout, you have to keep the page organized and perfect. When you are going to choose between font style, the thoughtful decision is very important to keep the pages neat and perfect for the best output, which makes reading easier for users.


It is very important to represent your mobile app with the logo. It helps to make your app a brand and also helps users to find it easily. The logo must be unique and attractive.


The loading speed of the mobile app must be very quick because users need a user friendly app. It is very difficult to engage users with a slowly loading app.

Look and feel

If the app has unrelated features, it gets never be appreciated, and users also difficult to find the key features in the app. So, the app should be simple and perfect for the users.


When developing an app, give preference for important and useful features that should be added with the help of top iPhone or Android app development companies in Ahmadabad or in your preferred city.

Have a Plan to Develop App With Best Design Elements?

FuGenX can help you in this. FuGenX is an award-winning Android and iPhone app development company in Delhi.

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