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Planning to develop an e-commerce application and want to know how much it costs?

Here is the ideal answer that is prepared with the help of FuGenX Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company new york.

The present world is based on the technology. Almost everything is controlled and operated by the machine. The technology is also vital for day to day activities for people. The technological features of computer and mobile phone are merged to the cater people’s day to day needs.

People use computer and mobile for everything what they need. Computer (desktop PC) can’t be carried everywhere. So, people carry a technological innovation called a laptop, which can be used anywhere, and it keeps the people updated everywhere.

There is a different technologies innovations, which let you get done your job or works easily, even though you are in any place or inside the home.

 iPhone Apps Development Companies new york

Emerging E-commerce, Powered by M-commerce

Online activities are very popular nowadays. Activities like online shopping, online payments and net banking services has made so many people’s life easier, and also it helps internet users to get the online job. Because of all these reasons, information technology companies and mobile application development companies new jersey and across the world are developing high-tech mobility solutions to increase the performance of businesses by easily connecting them with their customers. The mobile app development for smartphones has been one of the helpful ways for e-commerce companies to increase its performance.

Android and iOS – Top Mobile Platforms

There are a number of mobile applications developed for the smartphone users to take advantage of online facilities. Especially, iPhone and Android apps development company new york are not only helping global companies with mobile app development, but also helping startups to develop profitable e-commerce apps. Their service is not only limited to e-commerce, but also to industrial companies, to increase their business profit. E-commerce apps are dynamic and useful for both companies and customers.


E-commerce is powered by the internet, where people sell and buy products or sales on the go. E-commerce allows online transaction where people pay for the selected products through net banking, credit or debit cards. Once the customer has made payment through online for the purchased goods and services, the customer will await for the goods arrived to the doorstep.

The customers’ good response encourages E-commerce firms to develop their own app. But, now a days, e-commerce firms step forward to develop mobile apps with the help of mobile app development companies mumbai, India and USA, very early as people are using mobiles more than computers.

A common question asked by e-commerce business owners is that “How much does an E-commerce app cost?” The cost for an e-commerce app development depends on the features which you are required to add in your application, that can make your app unique from others.

Features of E-commerce App

E-commerce application is a large online shopping tool with a wide range of goods and services. It generally includes search column, product list, category, delivery and payment option. An e-commerce app has an option called dashboard for the customers, where customers can check their purchase details. Other important parts of E-commerce app are shipping section and currency converter menu, which is for the easier communication between the e-commerce company and the customer.

Get The Best Price For Your Dream E-Commerce App

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