Thursday, 21 April 2016

You Can Make Your Travel App Strategy Effective With These Considerations!

In the last decade, innovation in the mobile world was tremendous. Now, the world is at the fingertips of mobile users. Mobile users are now getting real time information which they need anytime, anywhere. We are here to discuss the emergence of technology in tourism.  According to a study, mobile app development companies Bangalore have developed thousands of mobile apps that have acquired more than a billion users, in which travel apps are greater in number. Also, the travel related apps’ downloading rate also improved considerably in the last 2 years in the play stores.

More than 150 million travelers who have smartphones prefer app for hotel room booking, and flight booking, etc. Among tour operators and tourists, it brings happiness with multi-benefits.

But the shocking news is more than 40% of travel apps are failing to get benefits from this. There are many reasons for this painful hit. The lack of funding, underperforming resources, and poor strategy. Proper strategy is like a powerful pillar for a multi-storey skyscraper. It is vital for any successful mobile app.

When a competitor implemented new technology, then you also need to upgrade your business with that. Then only you can reach your business goal and be up to date. This is also a part of clever app strategy. Mobile apps development company in Bangalore are among the top app development companies that provide innovative and creative travel app development services with result-oriented strategy. Strategy is requisite for any travel and tourism company before initiating mobile apps development. Below, you are given with mobile app strategy for tourism.

Things that Your Travel App Strategy Must Include:


The purpose is the most important thing in the mobile app development because it will decide mobile app is needed or not for your business. You should decide whether you need app only to provide info, or it as a communication tool or to enable customers to book the service. When planning for it, focus more on user benefits.

Find your targeted customers and their needs

After setting up the goal, then finding your targeted customers and their requirements is the next step. In a detailed study, I came to know that more than 70% of USA travelers book travel tickets through mobile friendly websites and mobile apps.

If you see 80% of travelers share their photos and tourist spot snaps with their friends and family through Facebook. It means you have to integrate social media plugins into your app, which makes users share things instantly. Also 40% of them use apps to check nearby tourist spots when they are on tour. So get in touch with them to draw more bookings. This kind of research will help you to plan mobile app better.

Mobile app cost

Before starting to develop an app, you need to allocate or plan the budget and also return on investment, so many mobile app projects get stopped while even in developing stage because of lack of funds. Depending on the mobile features, the cost may increase or decrease. If you want your app should satisfy your customers, then you need to spend good money. To decrease the cost, you can eliminate some secondary features.

Wow factor!!

Finally, when you launched app to the market, users should feel wow about your app. The wow factor is a not a core part, but in travel like businesses, you need this to make them revisit. Also whenever customers need your service and you served them on time, it also makes them to revisit your business. Also, people always prefer for additional values for their money, so adding the discounts and attractive offers can create more value to your app. It delights them to revisit your app.

Want to Develop Travel App with Proper Strategy?

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