Wednesday, 1 June 2016

What is the Development Cost of Amazon like E-commerce App?

Brief note on Amazon:

Amazon is one of the largest American e-commerce companies in the world, which sells a wide range of retail products on electronic, home, garden, pet, healthcare, and fashion category. Amazon was the first company which started online retail shopping in USA. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. Amazon is an inspiration for thousands of online shopping companies worldwide.

Key Features of Amazon App:

1.     An easy search feature in the menu called Department
2.     The menu (Department) consists of all major products
3.     The notification section highlights the upcoming deals and offers.
4.     My Cart, which shows the products added to the cart
5.     Products with images makes it easier for users to reach their exact products, and also the payment gateway which is highly secured
6.     Users can track their products through the order tracking facility

How much it costs to develop an app like Amazon?

The app like Amazon belongs database app category and it generally costs more than simple app. The cost of Amazon like app depends on the following factors:

App Platform: (Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Windows): Some mobile apps development companies in Bangalore say the cost of Amazon like app development on the Android platform is low compared to iOS platform. It varies on geographical location, if it is in India, Android app cost is more than iOS.

App Design: “First impression is the best impression”. Users get impressed with the app for its first look and feel. It depends on the design how the users react to the app. The Amazon app reached a large number of users because of its simplicity and attractiveness. The good design requires the usage of advanced technologies, which obviously costs a bit more. With an intelligent appliance of technology, the app cost can be reduced.

App Size: The app size always depends on the number of features and functions. The more the features and functionalities, the more will be cost. By giving importance to core features in the initial step, the app cost can be reduced to a certain extent.

How much FuGenX costs to develop an amazing app like Amazon?

FuGenX is a global mobile app development company in Bangalore and Delhi. Being among the premiere IT companies in nyc, it helps e-commerce companies develop revenue-generating apps at affordable cost. FuGenX has won Deloitte Technology award for developing many highly successful e-commerce apps like Big Basket and Blink.

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