Thursday, 26 April 2018

Did you check out these redefined mini-social media apps?

Good or bad, we don’t know, but social media platforms and communication tools are something that we just can’t ignore. After all, when there is so much happening around you, it is usually very hard to ignore all that stuff. Started in 2004, Facebook used to necessarily be a typical social media platform. And then in 2006 iPhone was launched, which was followed by the launch of Android in 2008. The introduction of another dedicated OS dedicated for smartphones laid a concrete foundation for mobile app development companies to start something waiting to disrupt the generic ways we have been living. Yes, I really mean it when I say social media and communication apps changed the way we lived our lives. No matter how much we are told social media has ruined the basics of how communication is supposed to take place, another side of the truth is also that social media has made the youth more aware and connected the not so aware youth to mainstream news and happenings around them, especially the rising scope of apps development companies, that happened with an unprecedented rate.

If you are a social media buff and are in a constant quest for finding better social media and communication tools, this article is a must read for you. We present you the new and advanced social media applications for your smartphone that we believe you will like (and probably love too):


Although the title ‘Telegram’ sounds a lot like some messaging tool, which it most definitely is, it does more than a usual messenger does. One of the few messengers to implement chat bots for just about anything. This ability of Telegram messenger comes from its never-ending list of APIs that enhance the functionality of this amazing messenger app. The diverse utility this app offers can be guessed from when it recently launched its Payments API, which allows two parties to transfer money with the help of a simple interface. Either of the parties can create an invoice message with a pay button which opens up the payment channel. The invoice message contains all the information related to the product, keeping aside the hassles of asking for transactional information. Apart from the bots, the app also comes with the capacity to maintain groups with more than 100,000 members.


If you are a passionate photographer and would like to find more like you, Flickr is the place to be. Flickr is like a social media platform for photographers, though strictly limited to professional purpose. You can view pictures from professional or occasional photographers around the world. Flickr also launched photography contests, where you can submit your photography work and win rewards, and more than that gain recognition on the platform. There are many freelancers on Flickr that earn well by trading pictures they click. A great place to connect with the greatest photographers around the world, Flickr is also useful if you want to start a virtual freelance business window to start a digital studio of your own, where you can sell pictures to clients from magazines, design companies, Android apps development company around the world, and many others.


Meetup recently released its app, which has already gathered more than 5 million downloads. Unlike a conventional social media platform, Meetup keeps you updated about the upcoming events organized by enterprises, NGOs or others. Most of the small businesses trying to expand their business use Meetup to spread awareness about their businesses, their products, any new developments or simply throw an event to connect better with the people. From a non-commercial point of view, users can simply invite their friends and family people to meetup events. Meetup app is also a great way to keep up with your favourite topics and catch exclusive events with special discounts.

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